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Registration Open for 2020-21

Updated: Jul 15, 2020

Registration is now open for the 2020-21 school year. The 2020-21 calendar and tuition rates have been updated. There is also a new registration form and availability form this year.

• Registration Form and Availability Form for returning students is due by Monday, July 20th.

• After July 20th open spots will be available for new students wanting to join the school.

• First draft of the individual lesson schedule and group lesson schedule will be available by Monday, August 3rd.


This school year we have added two more weeks of breaks into the school year which reduces the school year from 39 weeks to 37 weeks. I’m hoping this helps homeschool families plan some vacations outside of the traditional school year.


With two less weeks on the calendar, tuition rates are lower this year. Be sure to check the website and decide on a tuition payment plan before you complete the registration form. There are excellent discounts signing up for the monthly auto-pay or annual payment options.


The registration form is slightly different this year. You no longer have to fill in your availability on the registration form. There is now a separate availability form that can be filled out at a later time, which will make it much easier to complete registration.


The new availability form is next to the registration form on the registration page. The availability form will now remember your previous availability each time you fill it out, which will make it easier to update each school year.

IMPORTANT!! - Fill out your availability assuming that we might eventually all return to in-person lessons sometime during the 2020-21 school year.

Teaching hours are 11am to 8pm, Sunday through Friday during the Regular School Year.


It is important that you provide weekly availability that will work consistently for the entirety of the 37-week school year from mid-August until mid-June.

Changing your schedule mid-year is very difficult and usually dependent on finding another family that can trade spots with you.

Check the online school calendar for details about which weeks are off for school breaks.

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