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2021-22 Announcements

The 2021-22 school calendar and tuition rates are posted on the website for next year. Registration forms are not quite ready yet, but the plan is to have them ready by June 1st. While we wait for registration to open, here are some updates to make note of for next year:

Pre-Registration Lesson Lengths

There will be a pre-registration process to establish the lesson length before registration opens each year. You will see each student’s assigned lesson length (30, 45 or 60 minutes) during pre-registration and can contact the teachers with any questions or concerns before you register.

2021-22 Calendar

The 2021-22 Calendar will increase from 37 individual lessons to 38 individual lessons. The new calendar will break the 38 Lesson Academic Calendar Year up into two parts, the 34 Week School Year and the 4 Lesson Summer Session.


The 34 Week School Year individual lessons must be attended at your scheduled weekly individual lesson time.

The 4 Lesson Summer Session can be scheduled any weeks your teachers have openings during the summer session, but are expected to stay on the same day of the week and time of day as you were scheduled during the School Year.

If your teacher’s schedule permits, summer lessons can be scheduled two in a week or even all four in one week to create a “summer camp” (for those families that make plans to be away most of the summer).


For those who prefer to split the annual tuition into monthly payments, the installments will now be split over 12 months (from August to July). This will help lower the monthly payments. Of course you can also pay the full annual tuition up front to receive a discounted tuition rate.

Online Lessons

At the beginning of the next school year in August, all students are required to return to having lessons in person. Having online lessons simply for convenience will no longer be allowed. In the event of a local or national emergency (such as a pandemic), all laws and ordinances will be followed. Online lessons will continue to be offered in certain situations:

• If the student is feeling ill, but well enough for a lesson • If weather prevents the student from traveling • If the student is out of town (greater than 60 miles away)

Requesting several online lessons that do not follow these guidelines can result in the lesson time being forfeited and counted as as absence.

Replacement Lessons

The online resource for scheduling replacement lessons has been improving this year and is being used more and more.

This is a reminder: The replacement lesson opportunities that you take advantage of are only available when others cancel with advance notice. Please provide the same courtesy to others and cancel your lessons online with plenty of advance notice.

Lessons Canceled by Primary Guardian or Student will only be replaced if another student cancels and you can use their spot.


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