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New Students


We ask new students to come visit the school and observe lessons before registering for lessons.


After observing lessons we are happy for you to ask as many questions as you have before registering.



  • New students first need to create a Parent & Student Login to our website. Returning students can log in to their existing account.

  • Log in to the FWSS App using the link below or on the home page.

  • Check the Home page when you enter the app to make sure the Primary Guardian account data is accurate (email, mobile phone, address, etc.).


  • Go to the Student tab and check that all the students you need to register have been created in your account. Add any students that might be missing and double check the information for each student (birthday, instrument, etc.)


  • Go to the Register tab and complete a Individual Lesson Registration Form & Individual Lesson Availability Forms for each student.

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