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2020 Summer Session

Summer session registration is now open! Log in to the online app to fill out a registration form.

Apologies for the delay. We had to revise a significant portion of the website's app for a new registration process.

Summer session starts this week. Teaching hours are 12pm to 8pm, Monday through Friday during the Summer Session. We expect most students to continue with their weekly lesson time from the regular school year (with the exception of any Sunday or morning students who will need to find a new time for the Summer Session).

If you do not want extra summer session lessons but need to schedule replacement lessons from the regular school year, please fill out an availability form for the Summer Session, so we know which weeks you are available for replacement lessons.

All lesson attendance from the preceding Regular School Year marked as "Canceled by Primary Guardian" must be replaced by June 30th.

Any lesson attendance from the preceding Regular School Year marked as "Canceled by Teacher" can be used anytime during the Summer Session, but must be completed before the end of the Summer Session. Unused lessons will not be credited to the next Regular School Year.

If you are a new student, please fill out the registration form and send us a text message to set up a schedule for the summer session.

We are going to wait a little longer to open up registration for the 2020-21 School Year. We should be ready to open that up in a few more weeks. Thank you for your patience!

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