Tuesday Group Lessons and Recitals


We have new group lesson and recital scheduling procedures for the 2020-21 School Year to help everyone feel safe through the pandemic. We will obey all of the executive orders and laws throughout the pandemic.

Families have different comfort levels related to in-person participation, and we have very clear rules for group lessons and recitals based on your comfort level. Students are assigned to a specific time on specific days based on your safety preferences. These are the four options for participation:

• Adults and children wearing masks

• Adults wearing masks and children wearing masks is optional

• No masks but social distancing still required

• Online internet participation


Group Lesson and Recital Requirements


As in past school years, all students are required to participate in group lessons and recitals. There are options for both in-person and online internet participation so that everyone will be able to participate. Advanced students in a youth orchestra or school orchestra are exempt from group lessons, but must participate in recitals.


In-Person Participation


In-person group lessons and recitals are limited to 6 students to maintain social distancing, and a 15 minute break is placed between each group lesson and recital to allow time to disinfect.


Group lessons and recitals must start on time and end on time in an orderly fashion. Families must be parked on the street 10 minutes before a group class or recital begins. Tardiness will not be allowed. No exceptions.


Group lessons and recitals are currently free to all registered students. However, since space is limited there will be a fee for absences if you are registered for in-person group lessons and recitals.


Families will have the opportunity to register for each 8-week cycle of group lessons and recital. For each group lesson or recital that a student is absent in that cycle, there will be a $10 fee per child, per absence.


Online Internet Participation


To participate in group lessons and recitals online, there will be a private, invitation-only live-streaming video. For online recitals we will all watch and listen to you perform through the live-streaming video. 


An online group lesson might not be available for you if there are not enough students registered to create an in-person group for us to live-stream over the internet.


Weekly Times
The weekly times may be assigned as a bi-weekly time depending on interest and space available.


Tuesdays • 4:45pm - 5:15pm • (arrive at 4:35pm) • Pre-Twinkle to Early Book 1

Tuesdays • 5:30pm - 6:00pm • (arrive at 5:20pm) • Book 1 to Early Book 2

Bi-Weekly Times

The weekly times may be assigned as a bi-weekly time depending on interest and space available.

Tuesdays • 6:15pm - 7:15pm • (arrive at 6:05pm) • Book 2 to Book 4

Tuesdays • 6:15pm - 7:30pm • (arrive at 6:05pm) • Book 4 and Up

The Book 4 and Up group will meet at least once as a group to rehearse on their own without a teacher. Families will coordinate a time and place.

For the specific group lesson and recital dates, go to the website and click “Calendar” at the top.